All of these images are available for purchase directly from Bremner. If you are interested in purchasing or licensing images, discussing exhibition prospects or proposing editorial assignments, please contact her.

Tel: 978.254.5861

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Purchasing Information for archival prints

Bremner Benedict’s images are available for purchase and/or exhibit as museum quality, archival fine art prints. Color images are printed in editions from as small as 14" x 21" or 18" x 18" up to 20" x 30" or 30" x 30". Archival pigment prints are printed on Silver Rag or Hannemule paper, analog color prints on Endura paper. Black and white images are available as gelatin silver prints on Forte Warmtone Paper at 20" x 24" and 40” x 60” as well as archival pigment prints on Silver Rag paper. Prints are signed and numbered in pencil au verso. To find out more about editions and availability, please contact Bremner.