This body of work centers upon a realization that in the modern era Eden is moving inside. Here my child is visiting natural history dioramas. In early 20th century, museums began to exhibit life size reproductions of natural habitats to recreate rural nature as it was before urbanization. Fascinated, people visited museums making their own field trips to learn about this vanishing past. In these dioramas she engages in her own field trips where her connection to the natural world is a fantasy in her imagination. As she matures she is less willing to be photographed playing outside. These images simulate the memory of an earlier time in our lives together.

girl at gorilla diorama

”Benedict's photographs of children’s relationship with the natural world are mesmerizing… these understated images are refreshingly bold and confident in the use of metaphor, which extends the image beyond the intimate narratives played out inside the frame.”

Debra Klomp-Ching, Klompching Gallery

"...There is some nice interplay on several levels - the real vs. the painted, the young casual child vs. the alert wild animals. Combined with great technical treatment, these are great photos."

David Garnick, Director Gallery Photographica