Wayfinding is an ancient technique that uses observation and the senses to orient and navigate uncharted territory while voyaging from one place to another. A child is a wayfinder on the journey of growing up. In these images my young daughter explores the outdoors discovering her connection to it. She experiences nature as all children do, through curiosity and play. She transforms the ordinary into a theatre of imagination, where she can play within her own Eden-like dioramas. In each setting, fact and illusion exist for her on the same level of consciousness. At the point where they meet, nature and the self connect to combine as a primal paradise before the sensation of separateness and the ensuing loss of innocence. I photographed my daughter’s encounters with nature to retain that pristine quality of her innocence before she became a part of the flow of worldly time.

girl standing under waterfall

Grand Falls from the series Wayfinding